The 4-Step Roadmap to Biz Finance Freedom

Grab a FREE copy of The 4-Step Roadmap to Biz Finance Freedom. Inside, you’ll discover how to quickly become a powerful CFO of your brand and whip your finances into shape (even if “P&L Statement” sounds like a foreign language!).


Hi there!

I’m Melissa Houston, a Certified Public Accountant - but not the stiff kind wearing a suit, sitting behind a shiny wooden desk, slurping bad coffee.

I’m also a Certified Life Coach who dug herself out of $100k worth of debt. Simply put - I’ve been in your shoes, and my mission is to help women entrepreneurs like you keep more of the money they make, and manage that money wisely and powerfully.

The first step? Having a roadmap for your business finances - because you wouldn’t hop in your car without plugging the address into navigation, am I right?

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